Friday, October 25, 2013

Miss Rory's First Birthday Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Party

I'm definitely the sort of mother who forces her children to relive the 80's.
After throwing numerous "boy" parties over the last 13 or so years, all of which have been in the dead of winter, to say I was thrilled to not only be hosting an outdoor summer party but one for my little girl would for sure be an understatement!

The top photo was my inspiration.
I luckily still have my Strawberry Shortcake vintage twin size sheets, which I used as the food table cloth, and several of my dolls, which were part of the center pieces.
I used two other vintage flat sheets as table clothes, as well.
I made most of the decorations myself, along with the help of my crafty Aunt Nora, and Cousin Nikki ( who owns a Cricut!)
All of which were nothing difficult or too fancy.

I started planning and crafting a few months prior to the August party!

The weather was perfect that day and we were blessed with a lot of family and a few close friends who helped our baby girl celebrate!
Here are the photos from the big day!

 (Don't ya love my mismatched lawn furniture? haha We were in the process of painting it but ran out of time. We had a very rainy summer here in Ohio!)
I made the pennants and wreath.
I always use that old washtub as a cooler. 

 I made her cake, which melted in the sun and I used old blue mason jars to hold paper decorations I made. I planned on buying a few bouquets to put in them too, but Mommy brain took over and I forgot. 
Go figure! Story of my life!

And there you have it! A darling party for a very special lady!

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