Monday, October 21, 2013

About Me

Bonjour!.....I'm Dana

Mucho thanks for stopping by, so now that you're here, why don't we share a cup of joe & get to
know one another?!?!...A chatty meet & greet!


First things first, ok? I'm a momma who is blessed beyond measure and I'd love to share my family with ya!
Kevin (the husband):
blue eyed, tall, & handsome
I call him "my love"
known to be a good guy, hard worker, & steller provider
He makes me desire to submit & strive to be a Proverbs 31/Titus kinda woman
I'm convinced I got me a keeper
Colton (the teen):
newly a teenager
does me proud
imaginative, creative, quiet, & shy
a creature of habit with a kind-hearted, old soul
full of wit , humor, & charm
loves pizza & meat loaf
gets the BEST big brother award
Colby (the charmer):
known to be a spunky, one-man circus
charming, funny man
dancing machine
idolizes big bro with jealous tendancies
loves cheese (ironic?)
delights in attention & praise
frowns on lack of said attention
Rory (the princess):
beautiful & jolly
full of sass, zest, & personality
loving & affectionate
loves manderine oranges
missed the "good babies" sleep through the night memo
always smiling & blowing kisses
Dana (voice of this blog)
What can I say?
I love the Lord, my husband, children, & being creative
a servant's heart
fulfilling my destiny
not an enjoyer of mornings
possesses a mice phobia