Tuesday, October 22, 2013

God is good!

GOD is the ultimate teacher.
HE really speaks to us too!
HE likes to instruct us!
HE wants us to be a fruit bearing Christian that HE can be proud of!
We need to confront our sin and carnal ways.
We need to seek THE LORD
Pray, have faith, and grow spiritually!

GOD gets in us and changes us from the inside out!
Cooperate with THE HOLY SPIRIT and let HIM make the changes within you that need to be made!
Worry about yourself and not what is wrong with everyone else!
Be a full on, passionate, seriously committed Christian!
Reach that place of transition in your life!
Learn to be Christ-like in your behavior, no matter what.
Be motivated to make that sort of commitment to GOD and never back-off of it!

Enjoy your life here on earth!
Have peace!
Be respected!
Be fruitful!
Deeply walk in THE SPIRIT!
Live beyond what you think, want, and feel!

GOD wants to reveal HIS truths to us about us!
Stop running!
Face it!
Fear prevents your destiny!

Now I just need to remember all of this and apply it daily, if not minute by minute! I'm my own worst critic and boy do my thoughts stray from what is righteous, good, and pure! But GOD'S truths NEVER fail. I'm finally, slowly but surely realizing there absolutely is no way I can do this thing called life, live it to the fullest, and with fulfillment, joy, and peace without The ALMIGHTY LORD JESUS.

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