Monday, October 21, 2013

Hey! I think I can make that, ya know? Momma has a glue gun and knows how to use it!

                         As a crafter/do-it-yourselfer, I believe I am most definately are a designer!
  "Bask in" the revelation that I'm certainly leaving a legacy to pass on to future generations!
                                                             How awe inspiring?
I can't imagine any of my children growing up without a creative outlet.  A relationship with sewing, crafting, cooking, building, gardening, writing, etc. ~  Whatever their preference may be!  I'm a firm believer that teaching a child to "do" those sorts of things is one of the greatest joys a Momma can experience!  What other "career" allows you to create alongside your family?
I was creative, even as a child. But I never dreamed it would become my refuge, friend, passion, nemesis, "me time", or even lead to a future career!

It is important for me to allow myself the "time" to be creative, because without creativity how can I imagine?  Being a crafter has opened doors to limitless possibilities for me :)  Expressing my creativity, as in life itself, I grow when I challenge myself.  The concentration required to learn a new technique or craft idea is good for both my hands and brain!  I don't sew, bake, garden, etc. to just "make" things.  There are often far faster and cheaper ways to obtain the finished product.  I do it to make myself happy!  Peace! Joy! Relaxation!  For a sense of accomplishment! I'm in charge of getting the most joy out of my own creations. Plus it just makes me feel good! Being a crafter is so much more than OCD behavior, it is, afterall, the only
healthy addiction I know!

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