Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Moment to Rest

For me, NOTHING melts stress away like a good book!
Whether I want to be inspired, instructed, or simply entertained, a book can lift me up and away from the cares of my busy day and take me into a world of beauty and adventure.
Where oh where does a busy mom find the time to slip away into the world of words?
If 15 minutes is all you have, then 15 minutes is all you need.
Don't worry about being able to finish a whole book or even a chapter in one sitting.
Just pick up your book and read as much as time allows.
It is okay if it takes weeks or even months to finish.
The type of reading you choose is completely up to you, as well, obviously!
You may prefer the escape provided by a good novel.
You may enjoy the inspiration of a devotional or beautiful gift book.
Perhaps you are drawn to the enrichment offered by a nonfiction biography or even a self help/
Christian wisdom book?
The point is, whatever your tastes, choose something that captures your interest and inspires you.
The great thing about reading is that you can do it about anywhere: in the car while you're waiting to pick up the kids, in bed, on your porch swing as they play in  the yard, in the doctor's office as you wait to be seen, at work on your lunch break, on your couch as your husband watches sports, or while the kids nap even!
Wherever you choose, a quiet moment to re energize awaits you!
When you need a spurt of inspiration or a nudge of creativity, stop for a few minutes and give yourself a book break!
Every mom needs a few quiet moments into the world of words.
As you make your reading selection, don't forget the most captivating book of all time~
Often called the GOOD BOOK or THE WORD
contains fuel for your imagination, directions for living, power for changing circumstances!
My children love to snuggle in my lap and read aloud and listen to me read a good book to them!
Talk about making memories and quality time!
They enjoy the magic of the words and the joy of being close to me.
You can experience that same kind of closeness with GOD as you read THE BIBLE!
THE LORD'S words will resonate with your heart, filling your being with hope,
encouragement, wonder, and praise!

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