Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pen and Ink

When I write things down, it's usually so I don't forget them.
As a mom, I sometimes have a tight schedule and lots of lists.
I'm actually known as a compulsive list maker and a
lover of cute notepads, journals and the like, including
ink pens, highlighters, and even white-out!
Probably not normal, right?
But how else am I going to keep up with everything?
There actually is another important reason to write things!

Doing so releases my unique creativity and re energizes my inner self!
Keeping a journal has long been a cherished activity.
Yes, I was that freckle faced little, dreamy girl with a lock and key diary
full of all my deepest secrets, doodles, thoughts, gripes, ambitions, stories, mod podged keepsakes, etc.

Many people, young and old, rich and poor, famous and obscure, have understood the power of
writing down their thoughts as a way of expressing themselves.
So I challenge you to just write as your heart speaks to you, whatever GOD has placed there,
delving seep into your inner self.
After all, writing can help you discover so many things about yourself.
It can help you identify your gifts, and talents, joyful things, and add fulfillment to your life!
You will gain perspective and discover aspects of your temperament and personality that you may never have known even existed.
Open your heart and mind and let your pen lead the way!
Writing is an invaluable tool in unburdening your mind and heart, sorting out solutions and creating a record of personal and spiritual growth.
And writing your thoughts can make you feel good, too!
It also helps you look back and see where you've been and how GOD has worked in your life so you can hope and pray about tomorrow!
 If you've never enjoyed the sensation of a pen in your hand to feel it slide smoothly across paper, it could be time for you to discover this pleasant, rather therapeutic art!
Select appealing paper or better yet a pretty journal, a good pen, a naturally lit corner, and a cozy chair, then for a few minutes let the thoughts and word flow!
You won't be sorry!

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