Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Gift of Motherhood

As mothers we are perfectly capable of putting our family in a spiritual environment and
showing them it is FUN to be a Christian!
Who would have thought, right?!?!

Family is my world created in love, so I take it very seriously!
Parenting is definitely a journey.
But I have learned that if I try to cultivate a growing faith in my children, I'm also strengthening my own!
SCRIPTURE says in DEUTERONOMY 6 to take up the commandments of THE LORD
and impress them upon your children!
I just love that!
A love of JESUS CHRIST us truly a lifelong gift for our children and we need only lead by example!
Parents are the #1 influence on their child's faith and strength when they reach adulthood!

The greatest gift you can give your child is the knowledge of how to have a personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST!

I desire to nurture my children's hearts.
I know there is hope for me as an imperfect mom and that I don't have to be perfect anyway!
But I do have to be a mom who shows my children where to go to be transformed.
Parenting is planting seed.
Only GOD can grow, plant, and produce fruit!
Anything we do apart from CHRIST is not of eternal value.
For my kids to see in me my desperate need for CHRIST is a good thing!

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