Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Better Day

(I found this little literary gem in my drafts just now. It was from last Summer. Not sure why I left it there unpublished?!?! I'M JUST WEIRD LIKE THAT)

        Today has been a good day. Every other weekend my husband chooses to go into work the morning of Saturday and Sunday. It's usually for only a few hours but it's over time, time and a half. Typically he is there between 6am- 10am, any time within that time frame. This morning he left around 8am so he should have been home about 10am. But there were electrical issues so he didn't get home until Noon.  I ALWAYS worry when he's gone. Expecting something catastrophic. Anxiety. Fear. Not pretty. But I do believe I was better today. I prayed and declared I would be calm once he did arrive home to us safely. It helped. God was with me. I could feel His presence even though we didn't make it to church.

     The kids woke up around 8 am. I made them cinnamon rolls.They love them and I haven't made them for over a month. We played and I was in the process of making lunch when Kevin got home. He ran to the grocery store and got a few things. The girls napped and we all swam, minus Khloe who still thinks the water is too cold, played in the pool for about 6 hours. I marinated pork chops, prepared grilled veggies, baked potatoes, and pasta salad. The grill ran out of propane so I decided to bake everything. It's almost ready now. Kevin and the kids are still in the pool. Its been a good day. I do have a lot on my mind still but I'm being intentional about remaining calm and anxious for nothing.  I do wish I had prayed and read my Bible this morning before our day got started but tomorrow is a new one and I'm confident my ways will improve. Old habits die hard. But I have been created new in Christ so that's promising!

  Conquering my fears and goals are going to be my focus this week, along with patience and peace. Scripture promises me these things.

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