Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Me, Me, Me, and More Me

~ GOD~
~My Husband~
~Our Children~
~Extended family and Our Friends~
~Crafting, Sewing, Crochet~
~Cooking and Baking~
~Party Planning~
~Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake Bites~
~Duck Dynasty~
~DIY With the Hubs~
~31 Bags~
~Oragami Owl~
~Girly Things~
~Thrifting and Antiques~
I pray and I trust in THE LORD for everything and lean not on my own understanding.
I hope to glorify HIM and use gifts and talents to bless others, spread HIS WORD and show the world HE truly is a GOD of love, kindness, forgiveness, provision, redemption, transformation, and restoration!
Beauty from ashes? Yep! You bet ya!
That's exactly what GOD did for our little family!
HE is amazing beyond measure, patient, and faithful!

So let's embrace together and all of it's messy, sometimes complicated glory!
JESUS meets our mess and radically transforms our hearts if we believe THE GOSPEL of
GOD is fascinating.
HE uses our winding, twisting roads to grow our souls and shape our faith.
Embody your core beliefs.
Create space for your passions to flourish.
Our lives should reflect our roots.
Align with JESUS and raise the bar!

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