Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My Perfectly Posh Business

On March 3, 2016 I purchased my Perfectly Posh starter kit and became an Independent Consultant with a TOTALLY awesome company!

Just a few of the goodies from my kit, over $250 in product for $99!

I am a business woman.
I am a mompreneur.
I love that this company empowers women! 

They wholeheartedly believe we deserve the best, and that includes the opportunity to run a fun and flexible business! Their goal at Perfectly Posh is to help Independent Consultants run successful small businesses!
Totally cool, right?!?! I couldn't resist a company with those values! Plus these products rock! Seriously, though the packaging is too cute and the product names are adorbs, as well! So girly!

Perfectly Posh is about more than pampering products. When done right, pampering enriches our lives, not just from head-to-toe, but from the inside-out! The products are luxurious, spa quality, naturally based pampering products loaded with essential oils! No parabens, paraffins, sulfates, lanolin, phthalates, or fillers! Many vegan options and cruelty free, because we NEVER test on animals

Speaking of our products, we ARE happy to say that they are FULL of the BEST butters, oils, flowers, and fruits! In other words, we ARE passionate about what is in our products; that IS why they ARE so Posh! We have a variety of vegan options and frequently use sustainable ingredients. ALL of our products are made in the U.S.A.

We simply pamper! We are on a pampering pursuit and we want you to come with us! We love providing you with moments where your life feels completely pampered, moments that belong just to you! 
Because you deserve it! We believe that when you take a little time for yourself, you ARE better at tackling the things life throws at you!

All of our products are under $25 and with $5 shipping on ALL orders! 

That's right! A rewards program!

 So not only is Perfectly Posh good for your skin, affordable, and made in America, but you get more bang for your buck with our Perks Program! 

 I would love to have you try Perfectly Posh today! Contact me via email:
I would also be ecstatic if I could  POSH you and send you a free sample!
or visit my Perfectly Posh website to check out our products and contact me with any questions! You can order directly from
I'm just so excited to be a part of this pampering pursuit and help other women to feel blissed out, pumped up, inspired-all the great stuff! When you choose Perfectly Posh, you choose creative products made from the best ingredients on earth!

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